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- Santiago Pavlovic

I entered the rustic tapera, almost invisible, camouflaged in the southern jungle and suspended thirty meters from the pristine Futaleufú. Contrary to what I had thought before getting into the bag, I slept through the night lulled by the wild music of the freezing, raging waters, but in the morning I woke to the dry and discreet knock of a woodpecker looking for larvae. in an old coihue ... or perhaps he told me with persistent impertinence: "Ehh, you, look what you are missing ..." Oh my God! That beauty! And it was all mine, from my one eye insatiable before the origin ... And then I went down the crackling and blue river, with the sun and the rain, with the terror and the laughter, with the ominous feeling of being perhaps privileged because everything what now moved me to the bone might disappear some day not too far away ...


Santiago Pavlovic Urrionabarrenechea

Journalist Special report and face of TVN



- Doctor Jean Romagnoli

Clinical Physician of the rescue of the 33 miners of Atacama, Chile, writes us ...

Traveling with World Patagonia Expeditions has been a unique experience, not only for the beauty of the natural environment in which the activities take place, but also for the comforts offered by the company in the strictest respect for altering the environment as little as possible. They achieve the perfect balance between comfort, entertainment and unaltered nature, making the trip an unforgettable experience.

Dr. Jean Romagnoli

World Patagonia

- Jorge Vega

Entrepreneur and 3D Graphic Director, project manager

for the most important brands in Chile. ..

From skepticism to infatuation. That would be the phrase that sums up my experience in Patagonia. Intoxicating beauty, wonderful people, an amazing journey from the first to the last minute

Travel. And an experience like that would not have been such without the logistics of WORLD PATAGONIA EXPEDITION, friends who organized my trip and guided through one of the most incredible experiences

in my life. From the everyday to the imponderable, everything under control, with inventiveness and friendliness.

You can see that they have been in this for years, since the confidence in their work and during the development of the trip is evident at all times. Rafting, Trekking, Gastronomy, Accommodation, details and also essentials. Everything first class. I am eager to repeat the experience as soon as possible.

Thank you my friends from WORLD PATAGONIA EXPEDITION

for this incredible and unforgettable trip.

Jorge Vega

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