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- About us -


• About us •

Our goal is to create unique and quality trips,

according to the needs of our clients,

that's why we work so that the only concern

on your vacation is to have a good time and disconnect.

Owner & Founder

Our founder is a visionary Chilean, lover of his land and its people.

Passionate about adventure, nature and culture. He has dedicated himself to exploring

each destination in Chilean Patagonia discovering the richness it offers to the visitor

this beautiful part of the earth, where the adventure and beauty of its places next to the

warmth and simplicity of its inhabitants have been the source of inspiration for the design

of his travels and expeditions.

Julio Cesar Ramírez, has been dedicated to the world of adventure and travel for more than 20 years.

After working in tourism, rivers, rafting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, planning

logistics and other activities related to adventure tourism, he decided to unite his various talents

and experiences and form World Patagonia Expeditions to offer Chile and the world incredible

and authentic trips in our Patagonia.


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dream ...



Julio Cesar Ramirez

Owner & Founder

After so many years and wonderful experiences,

I want many to know my country, discover

the magical corners of Chilean Patagonia ,

and surprise us together as if it were the first day,

with a unique style. That is our dream ...

Our task is that on your trip,

your only concern is to enjoy.




dream ...


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